Private jet charter survey 2010

PrivateFly conducted a survey of its global network of registered operators, which gathered data and opinion from a wide range of private jet operators, ranging from how their customer base is evolving; biggest challenges; emerging trends and their views about how the private jet charter industry is set to change.

Here are some of the results:

Do you think the internet is making the private jet industry more efficient?
How do you currently market your aircraft?(tick all those that apply)
Word of Mouth / recommendations83%
Social media21%
Paid search / PayPerClick12%
Search Engine Optimisation50%
Would having 360 degree panoramic imagery of an aircraft's interior on your website improve the opportunity for charter sales?
How would you define the approximate split of where your charter business comes from?
More from direct customers33%
Equal split from direct customers and brokers24%
More from brokers43%
In the last year, What approximate % of the primary person BOOKING the charter do you estimate is male or female?
In the last year, What approximate % of the charter PASSENGERS do you estimate is male or female?
Which sector of your customers do you estimate has seen most growth in the last twelve months?
First time special occasion12%
Business customers68%
Ex-owner or fractional owners20%
What do you think ranks as the most important factor for a private charter customer? (choose one)
Getting a quote quickly17%
The most competitive price69%
Type and age of aircraft5%
Safety record7%
What is the single biggest challenge facing the charter industry currently?
Environmental issues7%
The recession45%
Airport access5%
Too many competitors in the market place24%
Reaching more customers10%
On average, how many quotes do you estimate that you generate per one charter booking?
10 quotes39%
20 quotes36%
30 quotes3%
40 quotes or more22%
What % of your flights do you estimate are empty positioning sectors?
10 - 20 %12%
20 - 30 %14%
30 - 40 %42%
Above 40 %32%
How did you hear about PrivateFly?
An email we sent67%
Aviation publication19%
Which other marketing networks/ organisations are you a member of? (tick all that apply)
What would most improve PrivateFly?
Available in other languages9%
Improved functionality21%
Online (live) help6%
Clearer instructions on how to use24%

Survey results based on a sample size of 132 responses